GetThis was created to be a source of inspiration by providing local, trendy and unique fashion for all body shapes and sizes!
Alysha Erskine and Matthew Bannister got involved with GetThis after years of travel left them looking to return home to South Africa. Having spent several years exploring different parts of the Asian and African continents, together they chose to embark on a new challenge: entrepreneurship.
Alysha has always had a passion for fashion and design, and her compassionate eye has lent itself well to helping others find their personal style. Feeling good within one’s body is a priority, and Alysha is spirited about and talented in helping people find what fits their personal needs. Banni, her partner in both life and business, is a self-starting and dedicated man who loves taking on new challenges. With GetThis, the challenge has become accounting, web design, and business logistics.
These new challenge have proved to be exciting and diverse, and together they look forward to providing a service to those shoppers who are looking to find comfortable, functional, and most importantly, empowering and fulfilling items for clients with busy lifestyles.
PS: We have a passion for supporting local brands. Please feel free to get in touch with us via email for inquiries, questions, comments, collaborations or if you just feel like starting a conversation.