African Wildlife Vets

Both myself and Matthew are huge lovers of the wildlife we have here in South Africa. A few months back we bumped into Kate Church the founder of this NGO and she surly is someone who has followed her heart in perusing love for animals. 
We had been looking to donate to a charity and it was as if this fell into our laps. We are now proud to say that we are a supporter of African Wildlife Vets.
To find out more about this amazing organization or if  you would like to donate yourself click the link below.
When you support us you are now also supporting the conservation of wildlife here in KZN, a few things that the organization works with:
  • Relocation
  • Collaring, branding & notching 
  • Dehorning 
  • Injured animals 
  • Capture & Retrieval 
  • Rhino orphans 
  • Disease control 
  • Post-mortems